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Mayflower Specialist School Academy Trust

Inspiring creative learners to succeed and flourish in tomorrow's world

Our Vision, Aims and Objectives



Inspiring creative learners to succeed and flourish in tomorrow’s world.


Vision Statement

Mayflower Specialist School Academy Trust is united in delivering a high quality enabling education where all are encouraged to reach their individual potential and achieve personal excellence. Within this happy, safe and supportive learning community, we nurture curiosity and promote creativity of thought. These values underpin every child’s social, emotional, educational and physical development in preparation for a fulfilling life.


Aims and Objectives

1.  To provide a safe, enriching and aspirational specialist provision which enables everyone to flourish.


2.  To prioritise independence, engagement and resilience through personalised values-led experiences to develop strength of character, positive relationships and a ‘can do’ attitude.


3.  To promote a love of learning through a multi-sensory, broad and balanced, and motivational curriculum to enable learners to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to equip them for a fulfilling life.


4.  To nurture secure, early development and learning to ensure children acquire the necessary skills, concepts and attitudes that form part of the Early Years Foundation Stage in an environment where every child feels happy, safe and valued.  Children access a wide range of individual, multi-sensory experiences which underpin the EYFS curriculum supported by specialist staff.  Please follow this link to view Warren Wood’s curriculum information.


5.  Academic excellence is valued by all; we encourage self-confidence and recognise that it develops through risk-taking and through promoting a ‘have a go’ culture.


6.  To enable students to build character and resilience and to continue their education within a safe, supportive environment throughout school whilst also recognising that 16-19 represents a different phase in the transition from student to young adult, through encouraging students to be more self-sufficient, taking greater responsibility for their own actions and learning.


7.  To demonstrate our commitment to all staff to continue to model the highest level of expertise through training and coaching to provide the very best provision for students within a culture of mutual support, trust and aspiration.


8.  To promote children’s understanding and awareness of their place in our world, empowering them to embrace their individuality and that of others with tolerance, kindness and respect. To enable them to be a productive member of any group, whether friendship, class, school, family or in the community. This is achieved by the value we place on working in partnership with families, support agencies and the wider community.

Work With Us

Work with us - Please call 01427 615498 or email